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Breastfeeding has its up and downs, highs and lows, and can at times, especially early on while trying to get into the groove of things seem overwhelming. If possible it’s great to always have a support system to look to and lean on.

Often times daddy’s will say they feel helpless or question their role as a daddy to a breastfeeder. Aside from the million of other tasks daddy’s can help with (diaper changes, burping, etc), one of the most important jobs, is to simply just be there. But, being there in so many ways, most importantly as a breastfeeding supporter, and a cheerleader when breastfeeding has us exhausted, or even at times in tears. Not only are our SO’s a great support system but family and friends as well. Breastfeeding is not a solo thing. Sometimes we need others to simply tell us we’re doing a good job, or encourage us to just keep going. Studies show that one of the biggest reasons that women struggle and/or stop breastfeeding is because they lack the proper support once they left the hospital.

Personally, I’m so thankful for my own support system, “the husband” and my mom. They’ve helped me through so many rough breastfeeding moments and are constantly cheering me on along the way. (At times I think my husband is a bigger BF advocate than I am) Without the two of them who knows how well my breastfeeding experience would’ve been.

If you don’t have a support system of family or friends there’s always your local lactation centers with great LC support, or la leche league groups that you can join in on, WIC BF peer counseling, or support systems online with just the click of a button. Whatever works best for you, just know that your never alone when breastfeeding. The better your support system the longer you’ll want to continue on your breastfeeding journey. 🙂

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