So… I have to post this just to get it out of my system. Why is it that no one prepares you for the nipple tenderness your getting ready to embark upon while preggers. I mean, let me know that when the baby initially latches during the first few days it may make my toes curl in response to a sensation that’s so ridiculous it takes some getting use to.

Now, of course the LC side of me has to tell you make sure you have an IBCLC assess your latch prior to going home to ensure baby is latched properly, because sometimes baby may need a little help correcting the latch.


Then, the mommy side of me wants to say look, even after now breastfeeding my second baby with a perfect, and I mean ideal latch. That initial latch nipple tenderness is oh so real, and there is no need in lying about it or sugar coating it. However, luckily like all things this too shall pass. It typically should subside within the first couple of weeks. Let me also clarify what I mean when I say the initial latch tenderness.. This is the “discomfort” you feel when baby first latches, but then it subsides after about 30 seconds or so, and no nipple damage is typically caused. I Love the way Kellymom describes how to tell if nipple pain is normal in the early weeks of breastfeeding.

Look, all I’m saying is while breastfeeding is awesome and I absolutely love it, let’s just be real with our mommies. Don’t expect it to be all bubbles and glitter from day one. Expect the possibility of a picture perfect smooth breastfeeding experience or expect hiccups along this journey. Or, at the very least, expect the possibility of nipple tenderness in the early weeks. Along this breastfeeding journey just try your best to go with the flow and latch on.

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